About Bulldog Divorce

“I grew up in a single-parent home. As a young man, I watched a handful of my close friends and my own family go through divorces. I know firsthand how difficult divorce can be.

Because of my personal experiences in dealing with divorce, I recognize the need for an honest, aggressive divorce firm. Our staff is dedicated to helping you and your family get through the divorce process and to helping you find a new path for your life.

I guarantee high-quality, client-focused divorce representation. Although I cannot guarantee any results, I can guarantee our commitment to quality, efficiency, and excellence.”

– Matt Ingham, Founder of Bulldog Divorce


tulsa divorce attorney, tulsa divorce attorneysMatthew W. Ingham is an aggressive, experienced Family Law Attorney. His approach to practicing law IS the “bulldog approach”.

He is a member of both the Tulsa County Bar Association and the Oklahoma Bar Association. He graduated with honors from Northeastern State University in 2004, and he earned a Juris Doctorate from the University of Tulsa in 2008.

Matt is a member of the Christian Legal Society.

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